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Landing page

Landing page - is the name of a one-page site, the main task of which is to convey the necessary information to the consumer and induce him to take action. Solves a direct task - converts traffic into calls, orders, purchases, and collects contact information of the target audience. It works well when you have one specific offer and you want to maximize your conversion. It is used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, increase the audience. Depending on the purpose of creating a landing page (sale, collection of personal data), it can have different lengths, contain various visual design elements, reviews, etc.

Landing page is created for a specific audience. The more accurately the audience is highlighted, the easier it will be to offer something that is really important for this audience. Thus, the basis of a landing page: targeted action and the right audience.

We will create the landing page as interesting as possible so that the user is prompted to take the intended action.


Business card websites, portfolio, personal websites

Well suited for individuals and small companies. It is the site of 1-3 pages that describe the basic information about your services, products, and contains all the necessary contact information. The project is characterized by a simple single-level main menu system and does not imply nested sections. We can say that this is an ideal option for presenting your business line.


Benefits of creating a business card website:

  • The minimum price for website development;
  • Minimum terms of website development;
  • Ease of perception of the site by visitors;
  • Individual representation on the Internet;
  • Attraction of new clients;
  • Expansion of the sales market for goods;
  • Communication with existing clients;
  • Increasing company awareness;


Most suitable:

  • Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • For those who take their first steps in business and enter the market;
  • To represent a separate direction in business, product or service;
  • Individuals;


Corporate websites

An effective solution for companies. Detailed and structured information about your products and services. The main task of a corporate website is to increase the loyalty of old customers, attract new ones, and improve the company's image. If there is a web resource, a company can research its target audience, advertise ongoing promotions, and present new products. Such a resource is one of the key tools for corporate identity and marketing solutions. Correct presentation of information is the main task of a corporate website. Therefore, when creating, we pay special attention to style, because the web project will be the face of the organization. It needs to build trust, emphasize character and encourage return visits.



The site we have created will have a simple, easy-to-learn admin panel to manage the content. We will teach you to control your website.


We can create more than just a beautiful website with a help of PWA solution

Here you can answer the question "why you need to choose us?"


Cases and Options

Web/mobile design and development, corporate websites, online-store, landing pages. Corporate site case

Fullscreen business website

Web/mobile design, development, corporate websites, online-store, landing pages. Personal website case.

Photographer full-screen business card website