Web/mobile design and development, corporate websites, online-store, landing pages. Design details.


Web design

Web design that we create can undoubtedly be classified as a smart design. It is about beauty and efficient fusion.  Just a set of trending colors, fonts, and shapes mean nothing without an in-depth analysis of the audience, its preferences, and actions.  We know where your client will click firstly, we know his behavior psychology and what will lead him to you.  And only relying on this base we wrap our product in an aesthetic wrapper.

Design is just a tool that complements the content and functionality of the site.  The aesthetics shouldn't overshadow the content, but it can be enhanced through its use. Ease of navigation and clarity of perception increases the credibility of the content, the authority of the site.

Domagic is always about actual design not only of websites but also everything that requires aesthetic development by a professional.  We are ready to take under our wing any of your tasks, from a minimalistic logo to complex illustrations.


Corporate identity

 It often happens that the company that orders website development does not yet have a logo.  The designer's experience allows creating the entire line of the corporate identity of the future or redesigns an existing product.

What is included in the concept of corporate identity?

 • logo
 • color palette
 • font
 • price list
 • forms, certificates, etc.


Social media creatives and visuals

To promote your product on social media successfully, Domagic offers the development of visual content based on current design trends.

  • web banners
  • design of posts on social networks
  • design of groups and profiles (Instagram, Facebook)
  • layout of visual content in Instagram profile
  • design stories
  • Instagram highlights



In addition to all the above, we offer the development of illustrations.  Thirteen years of experience as an art designer in the game industry gives full confidence in the high level of creating illustrations for your product.