Woocommerce custom user profile (account)

Woocommerce custom user profile (account)

Brief overview of the standard product


Choosing Woocommerce and the default store theme from the authors - Storefront, the client will face a lot of limitations and a lack of the necessary functionality of the user's personal account. Plus, the design is very basic and strict.

The very first inconvenience is the lack of a login and registration form from any page of the site, through the menu in the store header. We would like not only to make a simple menu item with a link to the registration page, but also to place a quick login form through a pop-up. 

We would like to personalize the user account more and provide additional functionality that encourages customers to register on the site and to buy a product. Let's create a user account that will convert more.


Our custom personal account for woocommerce


Login menu to a personal user profile

- In the ecommerce that we develop, it is possible to register and enter your personal account from any page of the site. For this purpose the menu item is placed in a sticky header.

Woocommerce custom user profile (account) login header

- The authorization form is designed according to modern ecommerce standards and is located in a pop-up window.

- The registration link in the pop-up leads to the page with the account registration form

- After authorization, the user's photo is pulled up from the general gravatar system and it becomes possible to enter your personal account. If the user does not have a gravatar account, the default system photo is displayed.

Woocommerce custom user profile (account) pop-up login


User profile (account) page

This is how the standard version of the profile in Storefront looks: strict and simplified. Restrained general universal design and basic functionality of the ecommerce.

Woocommerce custom user profile (account) standard

We create the user's personal accounts to match the individual style of the store and supplement it with functionality aimed at increasing sales and stimulating purchases:

- Personalization of the user profile. Greeting with dynamically pulling up username, profile photo from the gravatar system. If, when registering a profile, a person indicated his/her email similar to the email in the gravatar system, then the photo will be pulled up automatically, if not, a standard photo of the system will be shown.

- Standard tabs with sections have been converted into a drop-down accordion, improving readability and preventing clutter of information.

- Two types of coupons with promotional codes that encourage registration on the site and additional purchases

- Additional statistics on the number of orders, the amount of orders and feedback left.

- Upselling directly in the user's account

Woocommerce custom user profile (account)

Cases and Options

single product page woocommerce

Woocommerce custom single product page